Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee

The Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee (TEEAC) coordinates with other state agencies that are charged with the development of environmental education materials. TEEAC cooperates with a network of over 100 providers of environmental education professional development, including universities, industry, museums and nature centers. This network of TEEAC Sites and Programs helps assure that teacher professional development offered by formal and non-formal providers is educationally sound and consistent with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

To receive a TEEAC Certificate of Recognition, teachers and other educators take approved workshops at TEEAC sites. At the completion of the workshop, they receive stickers, which are placed on a Coursework Verification Form. When 45 hours of stickers are recorded on the Coursework Verification Form, it is sent in to the TEEAC. TEEAC Sites and Programs may apply for approval for workshops by submitting a Program Description Form to the TEEAC.

More Information

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Leadership Opportunities

TAEE is seeking energetic volunteers to serve on our Board. Supporting the community of Environmental Educators in Texas is the goal of TAEE, and the Board works to accomplish that goal. The Board meets twice a year, once at the fall conference and then in the early spring. They conduct business through emails, conference calls and other digital methods.

Consider becoming a volunteer and help support EE in Texas. You will connect with other educators around the state and network with other great EE programs. If you have any questions about the Board of TAEE please ask!

When you are ready to join a dynamic group of EE volunteers, please complete our Board Application Form.